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“Courage results when one’s convictions are bigger than one’s fears.”Orrin Woodward

If we all do our part we can flip NEW DISTRICT 52 from blue to red. And it has never been more urgent as we are about to lose the greatest nation in history to Communists Democrats.

Join our team and be a part of making history. Here are 10 ways you can help stomp out the flames of Communism and send Democrat Juan Vargas packing for early retirement.


Our goal is for 4,000 mobile billboards to roll all across the NEW DISTRICT 52.  Imagine voters seeing this 5+ times in the same day!

Help us reach our goal by encouraging as many as you can to do the same to their vehicle. The best way to do that is post a picture of it on social media and tag our campaign at:

You can order washable pens, enough to share with others, for super cheap HERE ON AMAZON

2. Sponsor a text message to voters of whatever party you choose

We can send text messages at only $.048 per text and have access to over a hundred thousand high propensity voters in the district.  These text messages will highlight the egregious failures of my opponent and the Democratic party. 

For only $480 you can reach the cell phone of 10,000 voters.  All we need to win are 50K more votes!  Online donations can be made here:  DONATE ONLINE and then contact us if you want input on the text.

Some example texts morsels to enjoy (we have many more to choose from too)

                EXAMPLE TEXT #1:   

Biden’s disastrous open border policy has the full support of Congressman Juan Vargas despite knowing that this is leading to countless deaths, rape, and enslavement of the most vulnerable women and children from the South of the border. Too, deadly fentanyl is pouring in killing 100K+ Americans per year.  All of which is enriching the cartels beyond their dreams and fortifying their power for even more crime. Juan Vargas knows all of this and supports it anyway!

Things won’t change till we change how we vote. If you support lower gas and food prices, education, family, faith, freedom, drastically lower taxes, and more businesses and job, then vote Tyler Geffeney 4 Congress.

Compare the two candidates and decide HERE.


Congressman Juan Vargas passionately supports each of the disastrous policies that have caused gas/food/housing prices to skyrocket and which are crippling Americans’ finances.  Now he just voted to pass another inflationary spending bill that pours gas on the fire and increases taxes – the biggest bump going to those making under $10,000 per year. 

Things won’t change till we change how we vote. If you support lower gas and food prices, education, family, faith, freedom, drastically lower taxes, and more businesses and job, then vote Tyler Geffeney 4 Congress.

Compare the two candidates and decide: HERE.

3.  Follow, subscribe and share our social media posts

Stay connected to everything we are doing and is an easy and effective way to get the word out.  Oh and see #1 above for links to our social media accounts. 

4. Record video endorsement and upload to social media. 

Record a short video about why you plan to vote for Tyler Geffeney and tag our campaign.   This is such an incredible way to inspire people to get out the vote. 

See #1 above on how to tag the campaign. 

5. Get your church activated

Churches can perform many crucial functions: 

  1. Register voters each Sunday
    1. Ballot harvest (yes it’s legal in California)
      1. Invite pastor Tyler Geffeney to come and give an inspirational sermon  
      1. Rally volunteers to do anything on this page.

Contact our campaign with any questions (see the main page on this website)

6. Host a meet and greet at your home or a local business.

Host a meet and greet at your home OR support your favorite local business by arranging it with the owner to host it there. We will then help you promote the event to thousands of local residents and get potentially 100+ people to come and meet THEIR NEXT CONGRESSMAN, ask pressing questions, and live-stream it for those who can’t make it in person. Connect with us by filling out the contact form on this website.

7. Visit homes to hand out copies of a powerful message on why to change how you vote.

Like this flyer which compares the two options:

8. Download our smartphone phone app

Search for Tyler Geffeney in the app store.

9.  Keep tabs on campaign events in your area.

You can see updated events on our social media pages (see #1 above for links) or on our Events Page on our website. 

10. Recruit anyone and everyone from NEW district 52 to join the movement.

  • Get people registered to vote
  • Encourage people to vote (at least the right people 😉)
  • AND get others involved in #s 1-10. 


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