Together we can restore the republic and create a better future for all.

The American dream is under assault by the Democrat leftist agenda destroying the very principles that made America so exceptional and rich for opportunity. I am running to restore American exceptionalism - for our kids – for our future - and for the world.

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What I Stand For:


Most importantly each one of the virtues I support are built upon the foundation of my unwavering belief in God. Everything we do here on earth echoes in eternity, either for good or for evil, and I endeavor to stand before my Lord and God someday knowing I did all I can to love and care for His people, for His glory. It is only as children of God we have a claim to our inalienable rights, equality for all, and the pursuit for human flourishing as an objective good. Without God we have none of this.


Family forms the most fundamental unit of society and reform must start in the home. I stand for strong biblical families and parental rights free from government overreach like we have seen. Decisions regarding health and education should be the parents’ not power lusting bureaucrats.

And the government’s use of academia for the sexualization and indoctrination of our youth which must be opposed. Schools should build our future leaders, not destroy family and the culture with it.


I stand for the sanctity of all lives including the unborn. The genocidal slaughter of innocent children butchered in the name of personal convenience has been tolerated for far too long and must stop NOW!

I support healthy moral options including the expansion of Pregnancy support centers along with CalWorx programs which provide essential resources for moms facing unplanned pregnancies to be able to continue to pursue their career goals with dignity while courageously taking on the beautiful responsibly of caring for their precious child as opposed to the gruesome alternative.


Many hardworking good people who have come here pursuing a better life have been shoved aside on account of our out-of-touch government bureaucrats. The process for applying for foolishly insist on crowding the system with illegal immigrants who get pushed to the front of the line so legal immigrants are abandoned and can’t receive the citizenship they seek in their honest pursuit of the American dream. Such government neglect discourages legal immigration in favor of coming here illegally.

And illegal immigration has developed a cesspool for drug and sex trafficking where countless youth being escorted by coyotes straight into slavery for sex. We need to close off our porous border while making the pathway to legal citizenship achievable.


For far too long our inalienable rights to freedom and the pursuit of happiness for all as bestowed to us by God and enshrined in our Constitution have been under attack by the very people duty-bound to protect them. Government exists for the people, not the people for the government.

I intend reestablish proper restraints on government from the egregious overreach into our personal lives and businesses that we are experiencing today and continues to get worse. I will restore the very liberties the government never had the right to take.


Meeting with moms and dads in the 52nd district it is clear they just want better lives for their children. First-rate education is the best and highest priority to that end. Our career politicians have failed our students with outdated approaches to education fostered under government-controlled monopolies while bloated administrations continue siphoning most all the resources away from actually educating our future leaders. Monopolies were outlawed long ago as they are a detriment to competition therefore society. Yet we have perpetuated the most enduring monopoly in the most crucial area of public service; education.

I support returning the power to the parents via school choice initiative which will incite healthy competition that will reward our best educators and in turn build exceptional schools.


1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, and others shall be utterly safeguarded to maintain a free and virtuous society. We are a republic of inalienable rights that shall never be infringed upon. These are non-negotiables and form the contract by which our nation is formed. Yet the Democrats have threatened these rights and insist on their demise in their quest for greater Orwellian control and power over the lives of the American people. I am going to Washington DC to stop this assault on our freedoms and restore the republic as founded.


Establishing election integrity is vital if we are to be a Democracy.  I am working toward 9 policy actions needed to clean up our election process which, once implemented, will return the election back to the people.

  1. Implement VOTER -ID.
  2. Repeal the Motor Voter Act
  3. Repeal the Help America Vote Act
  4. Restrict voting to paper or scans
  5. Abolish early voting
  6. Abolish same-day registration
  7. Abolish ballot harvesting
  8. Abolish universal mail-in balloting
  9. Let voters monitor their elections


Economic prosperity is now threatened with policies from the democrats killing our economy where Americans are gouged at the gas station and grocery stores while California is losing countless jobs and the income that does with them to states with far more business friendly policies. I will work to reinvigorate the economy of the 52nd district though decreased regulations, business friendly incentives, and channeling the enormous government waste in spending toward grant programs that foster innovations for improving people’s lives and maintain our American technological excellence. Far too many in the 52nd district remain in poverty on account of the failed policies voted by the Democratic party.


California has a serious crisis of housing and now San Diego is worst of all as it has recently taken #1 least affordable city in all America. This too while the homeless are abandoned by the establishment with no hope of proper shelter. Safe and affordable housing is essential for a functioning society and I will enact measure to build more homes, cut regulations, and provide shelter for those in need.

California Congressional District 52

California Congressional District 52
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