Tyler Geffeney


Are you committed to the Democratic party or to what’s best for America and our people?

Things won’t change till we change how we vote. If you support lower gas and food prices, education, family, faith, freedom, drastically lower taxes, and more businesses and job, then vote Tyler Geffeney 4 Congress.

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  • Constitutional protections
    1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, and others shall be utterly safeguarded to maintain a free and
  • Election integrity
    Establishing election integrity is vital if we are to be a Democracy. I am working
  • Economic opportunity
    Economic prosperity is now threatened with policies from the democrats killing our economy where Americans
  • Housing and homelessness
    California has a serious crisis of housing and now San Diego is worst of all
  • Education overhaul
    Meeting with moms and dads in the 52nd district it is clear they just want